Dolby AC-3 Output Modification of Sony LDP1550

Schematic showing Dolby AC-3 output buffer circuit, and connection points on LDP1550 VP-20 (audio) board
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LDP1550 Dolby AC-3 output circuit

Drawing showing the use of an existing, unused 14pin DIP pattern on the VP-20 board to build the output buffer circuit
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Use of unused 14 pin DIP in VP20 PCB etch

Picture of VP-20 PC board, solder side, showing where the spare 14pin DIP pattern is located, and where the wires hook to. I used 30 gauge kynar wirewrap wire on the solder side of the board. (click image to see full size version)
Overview of connections on VP-20 board

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Thanks to Kevin Nakano for providing useful information regarding Dolby AC-3 modification on his site